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Au Pair i USA

För vuxna och studenter i åldrarna 18-26

Happy Holidays!


18 of the ”same” Christmas and then the 19th was the best. Make every Christmas count. This is my story.  


As an au au pair it is easy to miss home and family over the holidays, no matter how long you have been away from home. In my case I tried to remind myself that this was ONE year of 18 Christmases I had celebrated with my family, and the reason I went as an au pair was to experience something new, this was my chance to do so. After this one time I have come to be more open minded when it comes to celebrating, not every year needs to be like the past one.

The holidays are a great way to share your traditions and maybe show your host family why you miss home.

Last year I had the pleasure to explore Christmas with my American boyfriend Eric and his family. The past 6 years (since we both left the warm Californian air) we have not been back for the Christmas time. Not to worry we are going back plenty of times during the rest of the year. But for the first time, we choose to trade the often so cold Sweden, to the warm breeze of LA.

On the 24th Eric took me to our favorite restaurant and we picked up some delicious Mexican food and brought it to the beach. The trade from winter snow to sand was really cool. I did some sand angels and found the inner child loving the new experience.  It was far from the Christmas I was used to but I realized its only one thing that is truly important, and that is to be surrounded by loving people, no matter if it is a new host family, a friend you just met, or a loving boyfriend.

I wish you all a great holiday and I also wish that you will experience something new. Something that will make you remember this Christmas for the rest of your life.